When some people first consider installing solar panels on their properties, their motivation is to live independently from the power company. Off-grid solar is the setup they're thinking of, as perhaps its greatest draw is that you'll receive no bill from the power company. This can be especially beneficial in remote locations, where installing traditional power poles requires a huge investment. By installing an off-grid solar system, you don't have to worry about whether the closest power company can extend its reach out to where you live.

Others choose this option because of energy-consciousness. Put simply, in producing all of your own power supply you can understand exactly how much power you consume in a given day. This method also eliminates the inefficiencies of distribution and allows the user not to feel responsible for the power company's environmental footprint, for example, as well as their own. In other words, off-grid power represents local sourcing to the extreme.


Going off grid means not having to be dependent on the public utility grid for electricity. Homes built with off grid solar systems offer all of the modern conveniences of urban living – without the costly electric bill. In the typical off-grid scenario, your home (or business) is completely separate from the public power grid and relies upon a series of solar PV panels and a renewable energy system to generate enough power for every day consumption.

Achieve Energy Independence with an MGEN ownPOWER Solar PV system.


Off-Grid Systems are sophisticated networks of solar PV panels, batteries, and other electrical devices that take the electrical energy produced by your solar PV panel, and feed it right into your house for your own consumption.

  1. Rooftop Solar
  2. Optional Back-Up Generator
  3. Solar Charge controller
  4. Battery Bank
  5. Inverter/Charger
  6. System Control Panel
  7. Connection to Loads

Free Yourself from Rising EB Bill!

An Off-Grid system with MGEN Renewable Energy offers you energy independence, so how does it work? Off-Grid Systems are sophisticated networks of solar panels, batteries, and other electrical devices that take the electrical energy produced by your panel, and feed it right into your house for your own consumption. The beauty of MGEN Off-Grid solar energy systems for homes is that we size them to fit your unique situation.

One of our experienced renewable energy specialists will assess how much power you’re going to need in your house. This is achieved by looking your previous year’s EB usage, and designing the system to meet this value, plus exceed it by 10% to allow for growth. Also with MGEN’s expert design team your system could be upgraded at any time if you wanted to add a new large solar powered electrical load.

The benefits for an Off-Grid system are very apparent; energy independence, guaranteed power to meet your needs, free from the burden of power outages, etc. However, with MGEN Off Grid solar technology systems come with even more benefits since they carry the same warranties as our Net-Metering, and Micro-Fit systems. This includes a 25 year efficiency warranty on the panels, guaranteeing that you can stay off the grid for many long independent years with solar homes.

Our Renewable Energy Specialists will Assess your Power Needs

Whatever your concerns, rest assured you are getting an expert assessment. We accomplish this by having one of our off-grid specialists look at your hydro usage from the previous year. We then design the system to meet this value, plus we will account for future growth by adding up to 10% allowing you to add a new large electrical load in the future. During this process our experienced technicians can also show you how a Residential Energy Audit could help reduce your consumption.

The benefits for an Off-Grid system are very apparent. Your system will allow you to achieve energy independence, and free yourself from soaring EB costs. Also, you know you will always have enough power to meet your needs, and will never have to worry about power outages again. On top of these benefits, MGEN solar energy efficiency systems come with comprehensive warranties, including a 25 year warranty on the solar PV panels, ensuring the longevity of your home solar system.


Since DC power is stored in batteries, an off-grid inverter is necessary in order to covert stored DC energy into AC current in order to run specific loads within the home such as energy efficient appliances, electronics and lighting.

Your system will store surplus DC electricity to be used later

While you will need to have batteries in order to store the power you’ve generated for future use, the cost of this is drastically lower than what the local utility provider will charge to distribution lines to your residence – particularly if you are in a rural setting. A properly installed off-grid renewable energy solar power system will save you money. Keep in mind that not all systems are designed or capable of taking a home entirely off-grid. As an alternative, it is possible to use an off-grid system to power certain loads or areas inside the home while the remainder are still tied to the grid.