At MGENPOWER we provide an installation service of the highest standard. We will take care of all your generator installation requirements from initial design, all the way through to final electrical testing. All our work is completed by experienced, qualified engineers in full compliance with statutory regulations. We aim to provide a professional generator installation service at a cost effective price, regardless of your project size. With decades of experience and knowledge in the Power Generation Industry MGEN offers its customers a service that is Flexible, impartial and cost effective.


Service Agreements SERVICE MGenpower have well equipped service engineers to hand, with the latest telecommunications, and laptop software diagnostic tools to carry out service and preventative maintenance. Our service engineers are available 24 hours a day, every day.


  • Single or multiple service agreements and maintenance contracts tailored to suit the individual customer requirements.
  • Six monthly or twelve monthly. service agreements giving you a guaranteed response time and professional, experienced engineers.


A comprehensive preventive maintenance program is critical to the reliability of a standby generator, and generator load bank testing is an essential part of good maintenance practices. Performing yearly load bank testing helps to extend the generator's engine life, and helps to ensure reliable operation during a utility power failure. What is load bank testing? Generator load bank testing allows a standby generator to be tested and exercised to verify its overall reliability, and its ability to run at its full rated KW output. Typically, a generator is running at a level far less than the units rated output capability. Load bank checks the engines ability to perform and provide the required horsepower when called upon in an emergency. When a load bank is used, the artificial load it provides brings the engine up to an acceptable operating temperature. What are the benefits? Load bank testing allows the engine to reach this full operating temperature and ‘burns out’ this accumulation of un-burnt fuel. The result is a unit that runs cleaner and more efficiently. It also offers peace of mind that your standby generator is operating as it was designed too. Any generator set, whether the prime mover is diesel or gaseous fuel driven, can benefit from having it load bank tested.


Here at MGenpower we can offer range of fuel services to keep your equipment running in peak condition, as fuel prices continue to soar we could help you make significant savings, whether its fuel management, fuel cleaning (polishing) or testing and inspecting your fuel storage system to make sure it’s in a serviceable condition and meets current legislative requirements.

Please contact us to find out more:

  • Contract fuel management
  • Contract fuel management
  • Fuel tank inspection and testing
  • Fuel tank inspection, cleaning, test and certification.
  • Fuel tank inspection, cleaning, test and certification.
  • Fuel sampling and analysis