MGENPower has introduced unique Micro turbines (WINDPRO) from 200W to 10KW, with a cutting edge technology, have 45% efficiency, which is double when compare to available vertical & horizontal wind turbines in the market. MGENPower has a vision to provide clean Solar/Wind energy technology for institutional as well as community usage by using the best quality resources at optimal costs.

Our WINDPRO advantage over other small turbine

  • The starting wind speed is about the same as other traditional designs, the wind energy is the same considering the same wind speed and diameter. Under the same wind turbine size Mgen’s Micro wind turbine has the highest output due to higher efficiency.
  • Our Product model design has 45% energy conversion rate from wind energy to electricity.
  • The traditional horizontal type design has about 25%, and the vertical design has about 15%.
  • Under the same output, Our turbine is the smallest.
  • MGEN WINDPRO wind turbine is easy to install due to light weight and smaller size.
  • Mgen wind turbine cascaded format provides the maximum output within limited space and with less land occupied.
  • If wind turbine installed on roof top,Mgen turbine provides lightest weight per unit foot area, since the weight is distributed, unlike traditional wind turbines, which need to reinforce the roof due to point touch and concentrated weight.
  • Save cable line paving cost from many wind turbines is significant (Considering many wind turbines installed In rooftop vs Mgen cascaded wind wall)
  • The transmission loss is minimum if using WINDPRO wind wall(Less Cable length used)
  • Simple structure and easy expansion of more wind turbines.
  • Nice looking in appearance
  • WINDPRO mobile, genset can produce maximum power and with good mobility, to be used in rural villages, mine field, agriculture, fish farms, disaster areas, refugee camps, military, Islands, outdoor activities etc
  • Installation cost can be minimized if using cascaded format, compared to traditional wind turbines with individual pole and civil engineering work
  • Fan guard can be installed to prevent bird impact or foreign object damage



WPS200 windpro

JPS200 windpro



WPS400 windpro

WPS600 windpro

WPS1000W - 1kW

WPS5000 - 5kW

WPS1000 windpro

WPS5000 windpro

WPS10000W - 10kW

WPS50000W - 50kW

WPS10000 windpro

WPS50000 windpro

WINDPRO Cascaded Wind Wall

cascaded wind wall

WPC 1000W


WPC1000 windpro

WPS1000 windpro

WPC 1800W


WPC1800 windpro

WPS1800 windpro

WPC 2800W


WPC2800 windpro

WPS2800 windpro