Innovative Energy Saving solutions for the Pharma Industry


Approximately 20% of the total energy consumption in the units within the sector is due to heat load Mgenpower - Aspiration Energy’s heating solutions – consisting of both Solar Thermal and Heat Pump, offer round the clock heating at fraction of the costs. Help abate carbon emissions with our solutions at affordable and innovative financial models.


Distillation , Evaporation, Drying, Carbon treatment, Preheating

Solar Thermal - Tap the Sun For Industrial Heating

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Case Study


Proposed Solar Thermal system for one of the leading Pharma companies in Chennai


Fuel Used 


Calorific Value of Fuel 

9422 kcal/litres

Fuel Saved per day  

49 kg/litre

Cost of Fuel per kg/litre 

Rs. 60

Total cost of fuel saved per day 


Total Cost of Fuel Saved per Year