Stop Losing Money on Fossil Fuels

Lock your Heating Energy Rates with Solar Thermal Systems

120 o C

Rooftop solar installation for 40-120 o C - with clean green solar energy


Solar Thermal Energy security for 25 years - with clean green solar energy


Replace 30-40% fossil fuel used – with clean green solar energy


Reduce carbon emissions in the order of 250-500 tons per annum

Our price per unit of energy (kCal/hr) delivered will ALWAYS be less than the cost per unit of fuels burnt in your boiler.

Why Solar Thermal?

Because they make great economic sense.

While you have a variety of choices for generating hot water required for your processes, Solar Thermal can reduce your energy costs significantly

Graph Solar thermal solutions

And Our Pay-As-You-Save Model Ensures That All The Above Benefits Come To You Without Capex

Highlights of our Solar Heating Solutions

Attractive Payback

In a seating manufacturing plant in Hosur, Solar Thermal replaced LPG with less than 3 years payback period & operating smoothly for more than 2 years now

24×7 Heat Output

Diesel genset jacket temperature maintained 24 hours by solar heat in an automotive plant in Hosur

Better Than Solar PV

Just one third of rooftop space required to produce the same amount of energy at half the capital costs. Our 630 KW Solar Thermal plant in Chennai occupies only 2000 sq. m producing 3200 units every day. Solar PV plant would have needed 6300 sq. m of rooftop space for the same amount of energy output

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Low Maintenance

5 years of operations at a steering manufacturing plant with very minimal cost for maintenance


Automatically controlled integration in a wheels manufacturing plant near Chennai where solar pressurized circuit works in parallel to thermic fluid based heating circuit